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Features And Functions Of Pure Sine Wave Inverter
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Features And Functions Of Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Inverter 12v 220v 2000w

Features and functions of pure sine wave inverter

Features of pure sine wave inverter:

The output waveform of pure sine wave inverter is good, the distortion is very low, and its output waveform is basically consistent with the alternating current waveform of mains power grid.Pure sine wave inverter has little interference to radio, communication equipment and precision equipment, low noise and strong load adaptability, which can meet the application of all AC loads .

The pure sine wave inverter outputs the same or even better sine wave alternating current as the power grid we use everyday. There is no electromagnetic pollution in the power grid. In short, it has a wide range of applications and load energy strong power, excellent certainty, can provide the same alternating current as ordinary household. Under the condition of satisfying power, it can drive almost any kind of electrical appliances.

High stability: the system has perfect protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheating, short circuit and reverse connection, thus ensuring the stability of the system.

Functions of pure sine wave inverter:

  1. Inverter output  (AC OUTPUT);

  2.  Automatic voltage stabilization function; When the load changes within the rated power, the equipment can automatically stabilize the voltage and output;

  3.  Overvoltage protection function: When the voltage of the storage battery is greater than the "overvoltage point", the equipment will automatically cut off the inverter output, and at the same time, the buzzer will generate an alarm sound of ten seconds. When the voltage drops to the "overvoltage recovery point, inverter recovery.

  4. Undervoltage protection function;

  5. Overload protection function;

  6. Short circuit protection function;

  7. Overheat protection function;

  8. Reverse protection function;

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